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Updated: Jan 27

Malaga commercial video production
Malaga commercial video production

When it comes to the best commercial video production agency in Marbella, Malaga and on the Costa del Sol then we are counted among the best-performing and well-known teams on the market. We create the best videos with the usage of advanced filmmaking technologies including drones and 4k quality cameras.

We are offering you the services with a new perspective including real estate video, promotional and commercial video, presentations and exhibitions promo videos, music videos and interview filming. A professionally made video is an important marketing tool for any product or service and our team can achieve unique results to satisfy any client.


Commercial video production is a long complicated process composed of three different stages: pre-production, filming process and post-production. To make a professional video our professional colleagues have to spend a lot of time during a pre-production stage working on scenery writing, finding the locations, dress and costumes preparation, etc. To achieve perfection we hire the best specialists on the market so the perfect result can be guaranteed even before we filmings start.

Once the filming process is over, the real magic begins on a post-production stage. It includes hard work from each part: video edit, sound edit, color correction and retouch, sound design, visual graphics and finishing titles. Our team work with a passion for generating new ideas every single day based on the feedback of the client. I can assure you will never regret choosing our team.


If you are looking for interview filming then we are here to provide you with the best video services. Our team offers a multicamera interview filming in a 4K video quality with a professional audio recording and lighting equipment. Moreover, we offer a professional color correction post-production service and use a skin retouch technique to make the people in the frame look beautiful.

Interview filming is not a one-step process, our team of professional also has to do pre-production research to prepare the scenery, location and then choose the right place and time to make filming. Making a professional, attractive and cinematic style video is what our team promises.


Our team is making promotional and commercial videos for a number of agencies, organizations, and different brands such as Engel & Voelkers, Atuendo, Belvedere Restaurant and Pizzeria, Calanova Golf Club and many other companies in Marbella, Malaga and on the Costa del Sol. According to the feedback from our clients, professional promo videos have helped them to increase the value of the products and services.


Ivan Budarin Film is offering high-quality commercial video production services in Marbella, Spain. Hire us and we assure you that we are going to exceed any expectations. The results are surely going to amaze you.

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