Let's get to know each other! 

My name is Ivan Budarin — I’m into professional wedding, event and commercial video production on the Costa del Sol.

I can honestly say, I just love my work and I enjoy it a lot!


I've always had a great passion for video shooting since my early childhood. I constantly aim to make each project a never-to-be-forgotten story that would create a lasting impression on my client. I only believe I've done a good job when I hear my clients say such words as: “Wow!”, “This is cool!”, “I haven’t seen anything like this before”.

I'm so passionate about colorful and memorable cinematic stories. Stories that would capture the true atmosphere and broader sense of the event and convey nothing but authentic beauty. The beautiful landscape of Spain's southern coast itself plays a major role in my work. I live in Marbella but I am also keen on traveling all around the world as a destination videographer.

My top priority is to embody all your dreams, imaginations and ideas in a high-quality video that will not leave you indifferent.



I use some filmmaking technologies and place great emphasis on details. I lead a team that comprises a production director, a screenwriter, a director of photography, a video editor, a sound designer, and a 3D graphic artist. As a team, we handle complex and ambitious projects. We’re able to achieve truly unique, effective, and very creative videos all thanks to a combination of teamwork, deep knowledge, and a great experience.

We prepare and plan each project very meticulously. Our team analyzes the objectives we have, the filming location and the program in general. We highlight the key points and plan each next step carefully. But the real magic happens during the post-production stage. We make the shots look bright and tasty with color correction and grading techniques, we do deep retouching and add visual effects, filling all this with high-quality sound design.

As your professional videographer in Marbella, we know the effective tricks to make a wedding video that would leave a truly nice memory for the happy couple; we can professionally film live events, interviews, launches and conferences for much wider distribution.

Feel the atmosphere of a cinematic video where the main character is you.